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Here there be dragons....

On a distant world, human and dragon must work together to ensure the survival of both species. History hangs in the balance when the Weyrs, the homes of the telepathically bonded dragons and riders, have been allowed to dwindle...

Thus the saga of Pern begins. Anne McCaffrey had no intention of creating a series when she sat down to pen "Weyr Search" back in 1967. At the time she only wanted to write some antidote to the traditional fantasy image of dragon as slavering monster to be slain by heroic knight.However, something about her image of human and dragon in symbiotic co-operation struck a chord with readers, who soon were demanding more and more stories. Two trilogies were not enough, and Anne McCaffrey turned back to the earlier history of the planet to write additional stories.

More than thirty years later, there are nearly twenty Pern books. Pern fandom has become a community in itself, with dozens of Websites, IRC channels and MU*'s where like-minded people can come together to talk about their favorite series. There is even a USENET newsgroup,

Reviews of the Pern books:


There is a fairly active mailing list for Pern fans on E-groups.

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The Official Pern Homepage

Del Ray's Pern pages (Del Ray publishes all the Pern books except the Harper Hall trilogy)

Dangers Dragon-Braved is a Pern site that includes information on the various Pern books.

Calle Asman maintains a bibliography of the works of Anne McCaffrey, including the Pern books.

Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern is owned by Leigh Kimmel
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