For some of us, it's seeing one too many horrible wrecks on the crowded freeways during rush hour, as the masses hurry to and from their workplaces. For others, it's wanting to be able to stay at home with young children but still make a contribution to the family's finances.

Whatever our reasons, we all want to be able to work for ourselves. Yet that has often seemed almost an impossible dream. How could a poor person, barely struggling to get by from month to month on meager paychecks, or worse yet out of work and rapidly running out of resources with no new job in sight, possibly get together the capital to start a business? Renting space, buying advertising, all these expenses seemed to be insurmountable roadblocks.

However, the Internet has changed that. Suddenly, with the power of digital communications and the publishing ability of the World Wide Web, it is possible to reach an enormous market, to earn a liveable income with a modest initial outlay of money and effort.

Unfortunately, all too many would-be entreprenuers unwittingly set themselves up for failure. Not from any ill-will, or even from lack of effort. Rather, they make a mistake that is so easy it's almost pitiful, but only obvious in retrospect.

They ask the wrong question.

What question does the successful entreprenuer need to ask?

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Last modified June 28, 1999

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