What Next?

So now you know what question to ask when you're starting to look for a way to work at home. Where do you go from here?

There are many kinds of products you can sell. As an employee, you were selling your obedient labor. You did what your boss told you to do. Now you will be selling one or more products or services.

You may already make or do something that you could sell. Alternatively, you may wish to sell someone else's product through an associate or affiliate program. A variation of this is the multi-level marketing program, although these are controversial and many people consider even the most legitimate-seeming ones to be scams in disguise.

If you do decide to market someone else's product, you'll want to make sure to pick a good one. Here's some tips for avoiding scams in the work-at-home/be your own boss field.

Whatever product you may choose, you will need to learn how to market it in order to sell. And you absolutely must learn how to think about money like an entreprenuer instead of an employee if you are going to make your business grow for the long term.

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This page last modified May 14, 1999

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