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Now that you have a product, it won't do you any good if nobody knows it is available. You must get the word out to potential customers that you are open for business.

However, online marketing is a tricky proposal. Done wrong, you can inadvertantly damage your reputation and create ill-will that will follow you for years after you've learned better.

Thus, it is absolutely imperative that you learn to market your site properly, from the beginning.. You must reach the people who will buy your product, quickly and without wasting their time or annoying them.

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it?

Fortunately, there are plenty of people on the Internet who are willing to teach you how. Marketing information and advice is there in abundance for those who will look for it.

WebPromote has both an informative Website and a free weekly e-mail newsletter dedicated to bringing you the best information on promoting your online business.

Internet Marketing Gold Mine

The Internet Marketing Gold Mine offers a free marketing course. You will receive a series of daily e-mail lessons on various subjects related to marketing your site online.

Learn How to Start and Promote a Successful 
Business on the Internet

Corey Rudl, creator of The Internet Marketing Center, is a man you want to pay attention to. This man is a successful Internet entreprenuer who runs four major online businesses, including Car Secrets Revealed. His site includes a free monthly newsletter, several pages of promotion tips, and a page of links to valuable online resources for Webmasters. Among these is a page chock full of CGI codes to create counters, submission forms and other tools which would cost hundreds of dollars if you were to pay a programmer to create them for you.

After visiting his site, I realized several mistakes I had made in creating my own online bookstore. You will not want to overlook what Mr. Rudl has to say.

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Of course no marketing page would be complete without a discussion of Internet traffic builders.

Guaranteed visitors to your web site! Click-thrus is a program by which you place this small icon on your page (you'll probably want to put it near the bottom of your page, so visitors have to read the entire page to find it), then surf other members' pages. In return, you get one visitor sent to your site for every site you visit through the program.

Of course surfing other people's sites takes time, but when you're first starting out, you generally have more time than money available to advertise your site. Visiting other people's sites can also help you discover additional tools and options for promoting your business. You also get to see all the mistakes other people have made in designing their sites, so you know what doesn't work and can avoid doing it.

There is one drawback -- since the hits Click-thrus is sending will be other members, a lot of them will be more interested in finding the logo and moving on than in staying to shop. But at least some will, and may even establish links to you from their own pages.


Hits2U is another hit-exchange program, in which you surf 25 member sites each week, and in return they will send you 25 visitors. However, if you can also refer five new members to the program, you will be relieved of your obligation to surf other members' sites, and will receive thousands of visitors.

Increase hits to your site. Here's a free search engine submission service. In exchange for placing this logo on your page (they check, but it loads fast and you can stick it near the bottom where it doesn't interfere with the layout of your site), they will submit your site to hundreds of search engines, including many specialized ones.

Web Promotion

This is another good search engine submission service that picks up some foreign search engines. If your site has international appeal, you'll want to check them out.

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Find out other resources for marketing your product online and increasing traffic to your website:

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