Leigh Kimmel's Bibliography


"Ice Storm" was a finalist for the Short Story Contest at LoneStarCon2, the 1997 Worldcon.

"Shadow of the Madrians" in EOTU E-zine, August 2000 issue.

"The Coin of Heaven's Badger" in Alternate Realities Webzine.

"The Wishing Box" in Lunar Castles, Spring 2000 issue.

"Wings of Freedom" in Lunar Castles, Winter 1999/2000 issue.

"The Merman's Gift" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing, March, 1999.

"Showing the Flag" in SpaceWays Weekly, issue # 79, March 5, 1999.

"The Exile Star" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing, January 1999.

"The Sleeping Admiral" in SpaceWays Weekly, issue 74, January 29, 1999..

"The Slave Boy" in issue six of Dragon Soup.

"Kamikaze" in Pulp Eternity, issue 1, September, 1998.

"She's Leaving Home" in Musing Magazine Winter/Spring issue, January 1998.

"An Offer Spurned," in Sphere Late-September '97 issue

"Song of the Merman" in Sci-Fi WEBzine, June 1997 online issue free section.

"Black Homecoming" in Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy, online from May 31 to June 29 of 1997 and in their June 1997 hardcopy issue.

"The Metamachines" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing, June 1997 issue.

"Cracking Up" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing, April, 1997 issue.

"Claws of Vengeance" in Fortress, Issue 3, April 1997, and now reprinted online at Alexandria Digital Library.

"Holy Ground" in Black October, Issue 1, May, 1996. (their website is in bill-collection)

"The Stirge" in Plot Magazine, Issue 2, March, 1995, and now reprinted online at Alexandria Digital Library

"Sulishros and Kojadi" in New Frontiers, a micro-anthology issued by Show and Tell, and now reprinted online by Dark Planet.

Coming soon!

"Wishes" in XOddity, September 2000 issue.

"Magic Harp" in E-scape, August 1999.

"The Moon-bard" in Blackhole Magazine, Summer 1997.

"Martha in the Thick of It" in Blackhole Magazine, Fall 1997

Forthcoming works

"Heath's Merfolk" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing

"The Host of Hell" in Literary: The Magazine of Writing

"The General Shot an Angel" in Imagination Station.

"Shadow-Walker," in Through Darkling Glass.

"Wings over Trafalgar," in Alternate Wars, an anthology to be published by Decision Games.

"The Queen of Fire Comes to Hawaii," in No Other Gods, a shared-world anthology by Overlord Games.

Written as Catherine Caffarelli

"The Human-Thing" in Vision: Homespun Science Fiction, Issue 14, May 1992.

"The Tides of Time" in Vision: Homespun Science Fiction , Issue 6, January 1991.


Chronology of the Sime~Gen Universe, Companion in Zeor 12

Various articles on writing in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop newsletter.

Biographies of Ernest J. King, Chester Nimitz, William F. Halsey, Jomo Kenyatta, Jahawaral Nehru and the Dalai Lama for The Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Leaders, Marshall Cavendish, August 1999.

This is actually a partial bibliography. There are of course the usual "lost" credits, stories that were supposed to have been published in various magazines that went under some time between acceptance and publication. For instance anyone who saw the "coming next issue" list at the end of the Preview Issue of Through the Corridor would have been looking forward to seeing a story of mine in the Premier issue. However, that issue never came out because of an embezzler who destroyed the magazine's financial standing before it could print my story. And then there is the awful brouhaha that is keeping one of my stories in limbo indefinitely. It is tied up with a political situation so sensitive that I can't talk about the details, and probably shouldn't even be mentioning the very existence of the matter at all.

Last updated September 8, 2000

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