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Sime~Gen is a trademark of Sime~Gen, Inc. all rights reserved. The Sime~Gen universe is an original creation of Jacqueline Lichtenberg, copyright by Sime~Gen, Inc. all rights reserved. Mention or discussion of copyrighted characters and terms in this critical appreciation is not intended, nor should be interpreted, as a challenge to those copyrights.

In a world divided against itself, can humanity find a way to survive?

Sometime in the not-to-distant future, humanity mutated. Suddenly some teenagers underwent a strange transformation, tentacles sprouting from their wrists. These tentacles gave them the power to take the energy of life, which they would call selyn, from others. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and their victims would die in screaming agony.

Humanity must discover how to live together. Trust and fearlessness are the keys to this. Every aspect of the novels is designed to underline this, even the language, Simelan, which is postulated in these novels as the languge of the Simes.

There are eight books, chronicling this fascinating universe. They have also spawned a sizeable fannish following and a Web presence with plenty of fan fiction.

Unfortunately all eight professionally published books are currently out of print at the moment. They will soon be available in electronic format at BiblioBytes, and plans are in the works for a hardcopy reprint. In the meantime, you can use's search service to locate used copies, albeit at a premium.

First Channel (by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg)

Channel's Destiny

Ambrov Keon (by Jean Lorrah)

House of Zeor(by Jacqueline Lichtenberg)

Zelerod's Doom(by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah)

Unto Zeor, Forever(by Jacqueline Lichtenberg)

Mahogany Trinrose(by Jacqueline Lichtenberg)

Rensime!(by Jacqueline Lichtenberg)

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