Pulp Eternity

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Review copyright 1998 by Leigh Kimmel

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Pulp Eternity is a brand new quarterly prozine. Each issue has a theme, and the first issue is called "Time -- a Retrospective." The issue is available for $5.95 and a one year subscription is available for $20 from Pulp Eternity, PO Box 930068, Norcross, GA 30003.

My short-short "Kamikaze" is in this issue, and there are a number of other excellent stories, as well as some very fine artwork. Each story takes some off-beat look at time-travel or history. For instance, in Bruce Bethke's "On the Conservation of Historical Momentum," the protagonist's attempts to change history for the better only results in an endless loop in which he flip-flops between two extremes of out-of-favor political positions.

Jami Akins' "History Rejoined" looks at the unexpected consequences of exiling misfits backwards in time, with the additional complication that our interests may not be totally congruent with those of the intelligent species we have created -- computers. Along with the fiction come several articles discussing the traditions of time travel in science fiction, from HG Wells' earliest explorations to the present.

Review posted January 1, 1999

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