Middle Earth

A World Imagined

Middle Earth is the creation of an Oxford professor, J.R.R. Tolkien. In the decades since, readers have delighted in the depth and texture of the world he created, complete with languages and other fascinating information.

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For those particularly interested in Tolkien's created languages, there is TolkLang, a moderated mailing list dedicated to exploration of Tolkien's linguistic material. In order to subscribe, send e-mail to tolklang-request@dcs.ed.ac.uk with the word "subscribe" in the body. If you're not sure you want to subscribe, take a look at the archives.


The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page contains a wealth of basic information on Tolkien and his writings.

Here is a collection of essays about Middle-Earth by a fan who enjoys the sense that Tolkien created an entire world rather than a set of stage flats for telling the story.

For those particularly interested in Tolkien's created languages, The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship has established a website, including a list of resources that students of Tolkien's languages may find useful.

Another important site for Tolkienian linguistics is Ardalambion, which contains studies of the vocabularies presented in the corpus of published materials.

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