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Rivercon XXIII

Copyright 1998 by Leigh Kimmel

Rivercon XXIII was held over the weekend of July 31-August2 at the Executive West Inn in Louisville, Kentucky. This con is going to be held for the last time in the year 2000, so there are only two more opportunities to attend.

We arrived early on Friday morning, having gotten to Louisville the previous night and stayed overnight at a cheap motel (it was a real creepy place and we will *not* be going there again). Registration was running behind and not yet ready to get people their badges, so we were allowed to go ahead and get set up in the dealers' room immediately. The art show was also running behind, so I wasn't able to get my art up until after we were done with dealers' setup anyway.

The con suite did not suffer from a similar tardiness problem, and I was soon able to go over and pick up some snack foods. Then I headed back over to the dealers' room to sit table. We had an astonishingly good day, since several people came by and purchased large stacks of books. Unfortunately we then made the mistake of getting all happy about it.

After the dealers' room closed for the evening, we called in a pizza for supper. Then we went out to visit the parties. There were some pretty good parties.

The next morning, we headed down to the dealers' room, looking forward to another successful day. However, we were quickly disappointed, since almost no one purchased anything. I had slightly better luck in the art show, with four of my pieces getting bids.

In the evening I went to the art auction. Although none of my pieces had received enough bids to go to auction, I still wanted to see what was going well. After the auction was over, I visited the parties before turning in for the night.

Sunday proved to be somewhat better in terms of sales, although it wasn't enough to really make much money. I went up to the art show and retrieved my unsold art, then got my check for my sales. In the afternoon we broke down and loaded dealer stuff, then made one last visit to the con suite to say good-byes before heading off for Worldcon.

Copyright 1998 by Leigh Kimmel

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