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Copyright 1998 by Leigh Kimmel

Over the Fourth of July weekend I went to InConJunction, a con which is held in Indianapolis. After a few initial mixups caused by some miscommunication, I had a good time. I was able to get my art up in the art show relatively quickly, and also helped a friend get set up in the dealers' room.

There were several good writing-related panels, including two on worldbuilding and one general writers' workshop panel. I was also on one panel which dealt with fandom on the World Wide Web (although we talked about the Internet in general

One of the things I really noticed was the general lack of parties. There was exactly one party on Friday night and three on Saturday (one of which was the Babylon 5 party which showed the episode that is nominated for the Hugo).

The art auction was fairly good, although rather slow. Several pieces went to the last bidder on the bid sheet because no one at the auction was interested in them. In fact, the whole art auction didn't do really well. I ended up taking all of my pieces back home, and the art show director expressed surprise that no one had even picked up some of the really small pieces. I got the general impression that a lot of the people didn't have a lot of extra money to spend (the dealers' room also didn't have really great business).

On Sunday I spent most of my time in the dealers' room, helping my friend pack up and get moved out. Then we briefly visited the dead dog party before it was time for me to head back home.

Copyright 1998 by Leigh Kimmel

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