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The Stone Dogs by S.M Stirling

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

The Stone Dogs carries the Draka universe into the next generation as the sons and daughters of those who fought the Eurasian War pick up their nations' respective standards. Yolande Ingolfssen is the daughter of Johanna von Shrakenberg, whose brother Eric was the protagonist of Marching through Georgia. Fred and Marya Lefarge are the twin children of Chantal from Under the Yoke. The circumstances of life in their time set them on an irreversable headlong collision course.

The world is now too small to live half slave and half free, and both Domination and Alliance are determined that their way of life should persevere and triumph over the other. The Draka, unburdened by moral scruples, can use even the most horrifying means to attain their own ends. The Alliance has the advantage of technological innovation that the Draka, unable to trust their bondfolk with education, cannot hope to match.

Now the conflict is moving into space, and the stakes are becoming steadily higher. Treachery abounds everywhere, and no one can assume that friends are truly what they seem.

The story continues in Drakon

The Stone Dogs is being reissued as part of an omnibus edition with Marching Through Georgia and Under the Yoke. The over-all title is to be The Domination

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If you enjoy the Draka books, you may also want to read The Chosen for another look at the battle between a slave-based culture and a democracy.

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Review posted May 20, 1999

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