Mary Poppins

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Magic may be anywhere, even in the dreariness of Victorian London. When the Banks children's letter begging for a new, kindly nanny is thrown in the fireplace by their father, they despair of any change. Then a strange woman arrives by the wind lofting her umbrella. She announces herself as Mary Poppins, and introduces them to a whirlwind of magic and wonder. But then Mary Poppins goes away, and all seems to be ruined. But then the wind changes, and on the wonderful day while everyone is flying kites, Mary Poppins returns.

This classic musical will appeal particularly to children, but can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Julie Andrews plays a memorable Mary Poppins, while Dick Van Dyke co-stars as her mischevous beau, Bert the chimneysweep.

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If you enjoyed Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, you may also enjoy seeing her as Maria in The Sound of Music.

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Review posted December 16, 1998