It's A Wonderful Life

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Let Jimmy Stuart and Donna Reed take you back to memories of days gone by with this dear old Christmas classic. It's a Wonderful Life is the story of George Bailey, a banker in the all-American small town of Bedford Falls.

One Christmas Eve, with everything going wrong about him, he begins to question the value of his life. Just as he is about to fling himself from a bridge in despair, he is stopped by a heavenly messenger, who proceeds to show him what things would have been like had he never lifed.

The world is a much grimmer place. Because George was not there to save his brother's life in a swimming accident, his brother was not able to save the lives of many in World War II. Because George was not there to save his first employer from making a dreadful mistake, a hardworking pharmacist had his career and his life destroyed. And worst of all, because George was not there to thwart his rival in the financial business, the town of Bedford Falls lies entirely in Potter's grasp and has been renamed Pottersville.

George finally realizes that his life has indeed touched many people in a very positive way. With faith renewed, he returns to the familiar present and is able to celebrate a merry Christmas after all.

You may wish to make watching this dear old movie on Christmas Eve a family tradition. Furthermore, it makes a wonderful "pick me up" for any time in the year when you wonder if life's worth it.

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Review posted December 16, 1998