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Empire of Unreason by J. Gregory Keyes

Published by Del Ray Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Over a decade has passed since King Louis XIV of France brought a meteor crashing down upon London and wreaked havoc upon all the world. In that time things have grown steadily darker, with civilization unravelling at the seams.

Benjamin Franklin has returned to America to organize a bastion of sanity among the European colonies now cast adrift by political and climatic disaster. However, he is growing steadily more certain that the mysterious beings which Newton called malakim are up to something sinister. Their agents keep appearing in the New World, intent upon mischief.

Meanwhile Adrienne, once mistress to the Sun King, has discovered her long-lost son Nicolas. He has been taken to the New World by the agents of the malakim, and is being used as a pawn in their scheme to tame or ultimately eliminate humanity. Dark creatures surround him, creating wonders that lure the unwary into following his false counsel.

The nightmares that have been building throughout the first two volumes now reach their fruition, with the development and deployment of the mysterious "dark engines." If they are deployed as the malakim plan, they will have the potential to destroy the carbon cycle, not only leading to the extinction of all life, but permanently foreclosing the possibility of life evolving afresh.

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Review posted December 28, 2000

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