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City of Sorcery by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Published by DAW Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Several years have passed since Terran agent Magda Lorne masquraded as a Free Amazon in order to rescue her ex-husband from bandits and ended up having to take the Oath of the Renunciates for real. By having a foot in each world, she has helped to bring Terran and Darkovan together. An organization known as the Bridge Society, the Penta Cori'yo, has been created to facilitate cultural exchange between women of both worlds. Some Terran women have even taken a modified form of the Oath.

But all that is now endangered. A Terran aircraft has gone down in the Hellers, the mountain range that surrounds habitable Darkover. Its pilot, Alexis Anders, suddenly reappears with significant chunks of her memory wiped. The evidence points to telepathic tampering.

Soon Magda is leading an expedition of Renunciates and Terran women northward in search of a mysterious city which may hide the secret of who tampered with Alexis' mind. To get there they must brave not only Darkover's harsh climate, but also the malevolent sorceries of the mysterious Dark Sisterhood.

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Review posted September 14, 2000

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